Surveyors are licensed professionals. They are liable for damages caused by their negligence, according to the same general rules as other professionals. 6 Cal. Jur. 3rd Architects, Engineers & Surveyors { 68. As with other professionals, their negligence is measured by reference to the standards of care in the profession. They are liable for any damages proximately caused by their negligence, such as the cost of encroachments upon land built in reliance upon a mistaken survey.

The ordinary rules relating to professional negligence actions apply. For liability to be found, the surveyor must have owed a duty of care to the damaged party. The extent of the duty of care is measured by the standards of a reasonably prudent and careful professional surveyor. Damages must have resulted, and they must have been proximately caused by the negligence.

Surveyors are not liable for damages caused by later changes to surveys, including changes made by government officials, if the surveyor did not authorize the change. Business & Professions Code Section 8761.2.